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You need to prepare witness statements and evidence to back up your claim. Often tribunals are faced with an ex employee who said that something happened, and an employer who says something completely different.

Written evidence, photographs, recordings are all critical to support your case. You need to prepare a witness statement yourself which says your side of the argument. You also need to get other people you worked with, or third parties such as customers or suppliers to give witness statements.

Witness statements, and evidence documents are exchanged before the tribunal, so your employer gets to see yours, and you get to see theirs, in advance of the tribunal. Exchange takes place on a set date and time.

How GayTribunal Can Help

GayTribunal can help by checking your witness statements and suggesting amendments or additions. We can also review documentary evidence and tell you what we think should, and should not, be included.

We charge a flat fee of £59 for each witness statement. For reviews of other documents, we are happy to provide you with a flat fee quote for our work.

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